Traditional printing films,

Make the most of your cartographic assets

Save up to 90% of time when updating traditional printing films

Use the most cost-effective solution to update legacy map backgrounds. Gradually move from raster to vector format and use existing materials to publish new products at a lower cost.


Printing Film Management

Merge scanned films at very high resolution with color preservation and improve their overall quality (masking, outlining, detangling, cleaning).
  • Merge scanned films at very high resolution with color information preservation
  • Improved film quality (masking, outlining, detangling, cleaning)
  • Creation of new films of existing ones (pattern, raster, etc.)
  • Fast display and very accurate zooming
  • Geo-referencing


Update tools

Update by drawing in vector mode using the original colors or by importing vector, text or raster data to seamlessly convert the data.
  • Update in vector mode using original colors
  • Import of vector, text or raster data
  • Progressive data conversion
  • Multiple film sets combination (avoiding to process multiple overlapping areas)
  • 90% time saving compared to conventional methods
  • Integration of existing backgrounds to extend the mapping
  • Color modification



The range of available exports enables to publish cartographic data for printing as well as online or on mobile devices.
  • Creation of new drawing grids
  • Re-division of backgrounds to create new maps, guides or atlases
  • Merging vector and raster data
  • Export films using native color separations
  • CMYK export
  • Export Merge: many features to merge colors, create masks or create new films
  • Export to OpenLayer, GoogleEarth, or any other type of image server
  • Export PDF, Tiff, PostScript