In conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Lorienne is committed to protect personal data that we may collect and to give you a transparent and simple access to your stored data.

1 – Collected data:
Lorienne collects and stores personal data for the sole purpose of its direct commercial and technical activity and always in relation to the company you are working for:

  • Identity: surname and given name
  • Relation with your company: current position
  • Contact means: phone number(s) and email address(es) used for professional contact
  • Written communications (paper or electronic) only for professional reasons
  • Communication preferences: language and possible subscription to newsletters

No other information, in particular those tagged as sensible by GDPR, is stored by Lorienne.

2 – Collection means:
Personal data can be collected when you contact directly Lorienne or other companies acting in its name (like resellers or partners) by any means such as post mail, phone, email or web contact forms, or when meeting in person with a Lorienne representative during a fair or a professional event. Our websites (with the exception of the dedicated web contact forms) doesn’t collect any personal information other than the possible use of Google Analytics navigation data (linked to an IP address which will never be connected to a personal identity). Moreover the support area, only for our registered users, is restricted to a Company access (with a password that Lorienne provides) and for this reason can’t collect any personal data.

3 – Protection means:
Lorienne is committed to store, process and send collected personal data only in a secured way (internal protected servers, encrypted files, …). Access to this data is reserved to our services where people is trained in accessing data in a confidential way.

4 – Retention time:
Lorienne is committed to destroy obsolete information or with no longer any interest and, more generally, to restrict the retention of personal data to those in relation to its present activity, if not forbidden by other legal regulations (such as tax or security). When a destruction is performed, its effect is immediate on any current accessible data and will be definitive when the encrypted archives used for backup are overwritten.

5 – Personal data transmission:
Personal data collected by Lorienne is only for its internal use or, in a partial and regulated manner, by any company representing Lorienne’s name when reselling its products (VAR and partners). Except in case of a legal request the data is never communicated to third parties, neither as a sale nor for free.

6 – Access, modification and suppression of personal data by an individual:
You can contact us at any moment (see below for contact addresses) to request a comprehensive access to your personal data, to ask for modification of it or even to claim for a complete removal (except if other legal considerations prevent it). Warning: from time to time Lorienne sends newsletters which includes an unsubscribe link but clicking on it will only remove you from the newsletter recipients list and will not perform the complete removal stated above.


LORIENNE : French Private Company (Société Anonyme Simplifiée – SAS)
Address: 14 rue de la Beaune – 93100 Montreuil – France
Registration: RCS Bobigny B 382 310 225
Phone: +33 1 48 51 12 12