From V7 to V8


GIS data imports management has been entirely redesigned. The new presentation in terms of interface and the new logic for the user an easier way to manage the steps of importing geographical databases but also a new user-friendly access to functions that were not very easy until now. 

The new interface is more logical and defines more precisely the steps for importing files into GIS transfers:
    • Manipulation by tab is used to have a better structuring of the process.
    • The Simplification of steps reduces configuration errors and omissions.
    • The pre-connected links between the input entities and the output entities speeds up the creation of the rules.

New interface:

After adding a transfer and choosing the input format, the transfer editing panel opens.

In the rest of the document, the different steps of creation in V7 will be compared with those now necessary in V8.

The detailed description of all the functionalities is present in the online documentation of LorikGISMapper or LorikDBManager, chapter “GIS transfer”.
In V8, the first step in creating a transfer is only for sources:

    • Where are my sources?
    • Wich geometric transformations are to be applied?
    • What settings are needed?
In V8, the management of the import model is now a specific section. The configuration steps are clearly distinct.
    • Adding key’s) to the model.
    • Retrieval of attributes and values from the input database.
In V8, rules creations process is divided in steps:
    1. Precision of the type of rule: which input entities towards which output entities.
    2. General condition on input entities.
    3. Optional creation of additional output features.
    4. Treatment of output features based on attribute values or internal values.
    5. Conditional assignments: detailed filtering of the
      entities to be transferred.