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Easily integrate cartographic data in interactive
web mapping and mobile device applications

Web and Mobile mapping

In a connected and 24/7 open world, web mapping and mobile applications offer new business opportunities while being the showcase of your cartographic know-how. Packed with unique features, LorikSoftware brings a simple and powerful production solution to easily publish your cartographic contents online.

  • Ready for mobile applications

  • Easily fit in existing applica­­­­­­tions

  • Integrate any kind of data

Innovative solution for IOS & Android mapping applications

Be ready for mobile applications 

Innovative solution for IOS & Android

✔ Use a powerful and unique vector format to optimize data display and download.

✔ Quickly create interactive functions to add POI, manage display levels, change the language or modify the data display colors.

✔ Offer the opportunity to download data and display them offline in a secure format

Easily fit in your existing applications

Create personalized mosaics of tiles 

✔ Process a whole or parts of one or several data sets and generate mosaics compliant with Google Earth, Google Map, BING, etc.

✔ Generate custom companion or index files, reports to quickly extract information for each tile or for the whole mosaic.

✔ Use the powerful naming system to adapt the mosaics to your application requirements.

✔ Flexible system to pre-compute tiles or generate them on the fly.

✔ Automatically create OpenLayer browser.

Create personalized mosaics of tiles compliant with Google Earth, Google Map, BING or adapted to your application requirements.
Integrate any kind of data: create cartographic contents dedicated to online publishing

Integrate any kind of data 

Create cartographic contents dedicated to online publishing

✔ Use a wide range of raster files (Tiff/Geotiff, ECW, JP2000, JPEG, GIF, PNG, JGW and PGW).

✔ Import more than 30 GIS file formats with automated symbolization and automatic text and POI placement.

✔ Read data directly from WMS requests and ECW streaming.

✔ Use more than 30 powerful automated generalization features to get multiple levels mapping contents embedded in one application.