Need detailed maps ?
Intensive Topographic Map Production
Power, simplicity and automation

Topographic maps production

Producing and publishing national coverage mapping is the challenge that geographical institutes have to face today. With Lorienne adopt a comprehensive and streamlined topographic map production solution with no compromise with your needs.

  • Multiple data collecte & merge

  • Any platform data publishing

  • 100 % flexible & efficient

Make the most of your existing data

Collect and merge data for a higher ROI

✔ Import more than 30 GIS files format and databases with automated symbolization and automatic text and POI placement.

✔ Create quickly contour lines and HQ hill shading from DEM files.

✔ Add easily new data and attributes for more accuracy and legibility.

✔ Store your information in one single database to preserve data integrity and security.

✔ Use more than 30 powerful automated generalization features to create new scales from one data source.

✔ Design maps in any language or in multiple languages.

Publish all data across any platform

Distribute expeditiously your products

✔ Profit by a full automatic layout software covering 100 % of publishing needs.

✔ High performance differential updating system to keep your products up to date.

✔ Export a wide range of various formats: Personalized or CMYK printing films, Geotiff, Geospatial PDF and vector files.

✔ Unique creation of mosaic of tiles for online & mobile publishing.

✔ Share your data with the DIGEST open data format.

Covering 100 % of publishing needs with a high performance differential updating system and export a wide range of various formats.
Easily fit Lorienne’s solutions in your existing workflow or design your own process adapted to your production requirements.

Be flexible and efficient

Innovative process for smart cost

✔ Easily fit Lorienne’s solutions in your existing workflow without interrupting the production.

✔ Quickly start production and smoothly upscale the automation.

✔ Design your own process adapted to your production requirements.

✔ Get new features from customer requests.