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Street and Road maps production

The Street and Road maps production pushes you to the limit with the creation of attractive visual maps and the management of unlimited cartographic databases. LorikSoftware establishes itself as the market leader in the creation and publishing of cartographic products across any platform and format.

  • Easily create HQ maps

  • Robust database creation

  • Internet and mobile ready

Powerful cartographic databases creation

Integration and edition

✔ Import more than 30 GIS file formats and databases with automated symbolization and automatic text or POI placement.

✔ Easily creates maps at any scale and any amount of data from TomTom, Nokia, OpenStreetMap or your own data.

✔ Connect to WMS images server to design or update your data with a powerful set of design-related tools.

✔ Benefit from a unique text placement system with any kind of language.

✔ Add easily new data and attributes for more accuracy and legibility.

✔ Quickly share your data with the DIGEST open format.

The best printing publishing solution

Easily create visual appealing printed map

✔ Use a powerful product definition system to manage all your publications in a single environment.

✔ Automate the production of atlases with advanced publishing models.

✔ Profit by a unique graphical template definition feature that pushes you beyond the creation limits.

✔ Automatically extract text or POI indexes and design grids.

✔ Create products collections varying in aspect and layout from one single database.

✔ Use a wide range of export formats in the highest resolution and quality.

Internet and mobile in one click : use the newest platforms to publish your products

Internet and mobile in one click

Use the newest platforms to publish your products

✔ Publish in GeoTiff, Geospatial PDF, JGW or PGW format for display.

✔ Use data for Mobile/Internet/Intranet or Map on Demand applications.

✔ Create pre-generated mosaic of tiles or create tiles on the fly.

✔ Use dedicated format and library for mobile applications.