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Generate new profitable business
using Open and Free Data

Open data mapping

Free and open data sources are a tremendous and unrestricted resource that is widely untapped today. LorikSoftware establishes itself as the smartest solution to benefit from these data sources to produce and create map across any platform and format.

  • Multiple data collecte & merge

  • Publish data on any platform

  • Easily create HQ Maps

The best solution to integrate any data

Merge any kind of various data sources

✔ Import more than 30 GIS file formats and databases

✔ Automated symbolization and automatic text and POI placement

✔ More than 30 powerful automated generalization features.

✔ Easily creates maps at any scale and any amount of data.

✔ Merge your own data with any other free or open data sources.

✔ Benefit from a unique text placement system which manages any kind of language.

✔ Add unique features such as hillshading, relief or contour lines.

The most avanced printing publishing solution

Easily create visual appealing printed maps

✔ Use a powerful product definition system to manage all your publications in a single environment.

✔ The production of atlases is automated up to 100% thanks to publishing model

✔ Automatically extract text and POI indexes and design grids.

✔ Create several products collection varying in aspect and layout.

✔ Use a wide range of export formats in the highest resolution and quality.

The most avanced printing publishing solution for open data sources
Use the newest platform to publish open data sources

Use the newest platform to publish your products

Internet and mobile in one click

✔ Publish in GeoTiff, Geospatial PDF, JGW or PGW format for display.

✔ Create tiles for Internet/Intranet or Map on Demand applications.

✔ Export pre-generated mosaic of tiles or create tiles on the fly.

✔ Create several products collection from one single database.

✔ Use dedicated format and library for mobile applications.