Easily create unlimited map symbols libraries

with an advanced colors management

Apply various aspects to an object or modify a set of features in one operation. Improve drawing performances and homogenize data to create various products out of the same sources.

Easily create unlimited map symbols libraries With an advanced colors management

 Color Management

  • CMYK, RGB or Grayscale
  • Named colors used to store color definition
  • Gradient colors (radial, linear or shape) available for areas or lines
  • Total or partial knockout & transparency
  • Selective mask for text or other objects
  • User-defined output printing films (direct tint, Red Light, etc)

 Linear objects

  • Up to 6 line components for one single vector with width, color and line style (dash, dot or plain line) options
  • Asymmetrical curve to get a varied aspect for the superior and inferior sides of the axis
  • Priority to define the overlapping order in the drawing stack
  • Automatic crossings
  • Advanced graphic options for end cap and angles
  • Filling options: hatching, pattern, symbol on curve, screening and holes

 Text objects

  • Unicode, TTF, OpenFont and ATM fonts
  • Any language (arabic, cyrillic, thaï, chinese, etc.)
  • Fill and stroke color
  • Parameters to apply variations (size, tracking, alternate font)
  • Frame option
  • Alignment
  • Option to hide the supporting curve (contour line labeling for instance)
  • Specific tool for sounding

Point symbols

  • Creation with interactive drawing, from an image or from data import (AI, PDF, or CAD/GIS data)
  • Default angle and zoom values
  • Accurate definition of the insertion point
  • Symbols replacement