Data Quality without compromise
Expert pre-qualification of geospatial data
to optimize your map production workflow

Data quality checker

Data quality is the main characteristic to reduce time and cost for intensive map production, to combine or integrate data sources and deliver reliable information. LorikQualityChecker from Lorienne brings a powerful and robust solution to easily check your data and output smart reports in standard formats.

  • 100% Easy to setup

  • 100% Compatible

  • 100% Customizable

  • 100% Efficient

Automatic checking of consistency of data quality applicable to any map size and surfaces

Highly open and productive

Automatic checking of consistency of GIS sources  in regards to the mapping objectives.

✔ Read more than 30 GIS file formats and databases.

✔ Based on the mapping guidelines and the QC procedures.

✔ Merging multiple sources of input.

✔ Progressive rules precision.

✔ Read-only process independent from the GIS environment.

✔ Applicable to any map size and surfaces

Smart and flexible reporting

Full details report of the GIS source data issues that would reduce the productivity or the quality of your maps.

✔ Based on ISO and Defacto standards.

✔ Full detailed XML reports.

✔ Customizable display reporting.

✔ Export the problems location in your own GIS system.

Full data quality report based on ISO and Defacto standards in xml formats or displayed in your own GIS system.

Infinite integration and combinations of rules are provided as complementary services.

Service setup delivery brings 24/7 batch processing for control automation.