Release 7 is characterized by a complete renewal of the user interface. Numerous graphical and technical new tools provide to a more and more precise data management for your cartographic production.

User interface and drawing

Complete renewal of the user interface

Loriksoftware 7.0

New selection tools:

  • selection by spatial query
  • selection by query on attributes
  • selection by component
  • reverse selection



Interactive surface modification tools:
Now available for several surfaces (with extended attributes management):

  • cut
  • intersect
  • merge
  • split

New rectangle creation options:

  •  Automatic bounding box creation around a linear or surfacic object, with optional orientation…


And much more…

  • New way of moving curves.
  • «Buffer» creation tool.
  • Symbol size modification directly in the template panel.
  • SVG format for importing symbols.
  • New symbol insertion tool on the centroid of a surfacic object.
  • New navigation shortcuts.


  • Multiformat GDAL reader: WFS format support.
  • WMS images: support for version 1.3.0.
  • WMTS format support.


  • New identification and selection tools:
    • Collections of objects
  • Ability to manage dates of creation and modification of objects.
  • New database connection interface.



New reprojection capability during import.



New toolbox tasks

  • Text extension on connected curves


  • Edge spacing of adjacent polygons:


  • Arrangement of overlapping curves


And much more…!

  • Lengthening of the curves.
  • Symbol creation on network nodes.
  • Text placement outside surfaces

New object selection mode in toolbox tasks:

  • Selection by query on attributes

New options in toolbox tasks:

  • Complete deletion in duplicate symbols deletion task.
  • Network simplification task improvement: search for small surfaces and replace.
  • Improved text placement on curve, mainly for  zig-zag curves. Choosing left or right side depending on constraints.



New functions

  • New orientation and squeezing option on GIS dataset..


  • Option for template reading in pages or models, georeferencing and antialiasing in batch files.
  • Grid creation: regular tick mark jump.
  • New declination diagram parameters.

$_LKDBM-03 $_LKDBC-02

DBManager / DBCartographer

New user interface and organization of project management.

  • “GIS document” mode: definition of the transfer model for importing GIS data into a cartographic database (similar to LorikGISMapper).
  • “Project management” mode: for project creation, sheet settings, data transfer and update parameters.
  • DBCartographer :Modify and finalize the cartographic database, by sheets or on predefined areas. Modify and update the cartographic database, comparing it to new GIS data.

New tools for sorting by transfer status and sheet validation.