LorikSoftware: Cartographic Generalization in Malaysia

April 30, 2013, Montreuil, France – Lorienne SA supplier of LorikSoftware, a comprehensive suite of application for map production automation today announced an agreement with DGD-JUPEM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the national defense geographic agency in Malaysia. Lorienne will provide DGD with a complete pilot-project to evaluate a real cartographic generalization workflow based on JUPEM databases and specific DGD requirements.

Specifically, Lorienne will be integrating LorikSoftware component with some customization and setup to demonstrate the quality and speed of cartographic generalization process with the own DGD and/or JUPEM sets of database and geographic information. The purpose of the pilot-project is to define the level of quality and the overall performance of this new cost effective workflow and therefore evaluate its deployment across the DGD production department.

“Lorienne was capable to answer all the issues and technical details to launch such a project,” Director of Information Development Section of DGD. “In addition, Lorienne was able to design a very quick demo with our own database within less than 3 days and resulting in a very good confidence to the final operational result.”

“To be successful in today’s world mapping production, Lorienne needs to provide the highest standard of performance with its software and complementary services.” said Jean-Pascal Butté, International Business Development Manager at Lorienne. “Our technology is designed to uncover valuable customer benefits and enables the whole map production teams to measure efficiently the value added of LorikSoftware within their daily duties while helping to better control map production investments.”

About Lorienne

Lorienne S.A. is an independent software house established in France since 1991 with its core business in high end cartographic software for map publication professionals. Lorienne worldwide operations address all map designers concerned by high quality and productivity.

Open to multiple data sources, Lorienne software provides added values solutions to expand opportunities of map production regardless of the purpose or business model. Committed to cartography excellence, Lorienne supplied solutions covering the widest mapping requirements of the national surveys and institutes, defences and administrations, publishers and service bureaus.


Defence Geospatial Division (DGD/BGSP) within the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) is lead agency responsible to provide integrated/comprehensive geospatial support to the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) for national security. This is by providing the timely, relevant and accurate geospatial information which in form of technical advices, geospatial products and services. DGD is committed to explore the globe of geospatial information with high quality and productivity to meet the current and future needs of MAF users. To this end, BGSP ‘s vision seeks to put the  power of Geospatial in the hands of the users  by creating a more dynamic, more efficient  and ultimately, more effective environment  today to meet the geospatial information and  intelligence  needs of tomorrow.