LorikSoftware 5.3 minor release

Release note: 5.3 release

(2015 January 26)

All programs 5.3.0

  • Enhancement : The “Apply type associated component” is now available in the contextual menu (right click)
  • Enhancement : The text search function was only activated starting from two characters at least. This limit has been removed
  • Enhancement : The memory requested for the “Undo” and “Redo” functions has been reduced
  • Enhancement : The search field for finding projections in the projection panel is now a filter for the possible projections
  • Enhancement : Adding a preference which can deactivate the switch to the selection tool when pressing the [Alt] key.
  • Enhancement : In some cases the “Magnetism” function could make some operation very slow (selection, deselection, etc.)

LorikCartographer 5.3.0

  • New : New function to convert symbols from a “Symbol on Curve” into symbols
  • New : New function which select flat text inside a selected closed curve.
  • Enhancement : PostgreSQL storage has been improved a lot
  • Enhancement : The name of the last loaded tlist is now displayed at the top of the predefined texts

LorikGISMapper 5.3.0

  • New : New ToolBox task for removing symbols inside areas (using the surface)
  • Enhancement : Teigha DGN reader:
    • : New reading options (“Encoding” and “Calculate workplane extents”)
    • : Adding and fixing key for texts (DGn>7)
    • : Modification of the reference points for the texts
  • Enhancement : Keys for modifying texts (size, tracking and special size) are now available in the LorikSoftware format
  • Enhancement : Adding the “Insertion Reference Point” and “Insertion Offset” keys for placing a RECTANGLE

LorikPublisher 5.3.0

  • Enhancement : Export Scale can now be modified in the XML batch
  • Enhancement : Views are now retrieved when converting a GIS extraction dataset into an update dataset
  • Enhancement : Background images main saturation can now be modified in the XML batch