LorikSoftware 5.2.1 minor release

Release note: 5.2.1 release

(2014 July 30)

A new minor release for version 5.0 is available in the support area for all our customers with a valid maintenance agreement.

In addition to several corrections LorikSoftware 5.2.1 brings the following news and enhancements:

All programs 5.2.1

  • New: New function: Converting “flat texts on curve” into “flat texts”. This function converts “flat texts on curve” into “flat texts” with the same associated text type and component/layers.
  • New: New option in index generation. You can add extended attributes associated to an including curves. The choice of the including curves is done with a selection of curve types that have to be visible.
  • Enhancement: New option in the creation of contour lines in order to create only polylines.
  • Enhancement: The drawing of asymmetrical curves has been speeded up.
  • Enhancement: The memory used by default by images has been reduced.

LorikGISMapper 5.2.1

  • New: New toolbox preliminary task to create parallels from curves.
  • Enhancement: The result of the “Text conversion by Regular Expression” toolbox task can be sent in the text itself, in the alternate text or in the secondary text.

LorikPublisher 5.2.1

  • Enhancement: New option to apply a reduction/enlargement percentage in PDF raster export (color & CMYK).

LorikDigital 5.2.1

  • Enhancement: Global optimization of the tiles export.