LorikSoftware 5.1 minor release

Release note: 5.1 release

(2014 February 12)

A new minor release for version 5.0 is available in the support area for all our customers with a valid maintenance agreement.

In addition to several corrections LorikSoftware 5.1 brings the following news and enhancements:

All programs 5.1.0

  • Enhancement: The background images panel has been optimized when a huge number of images has been loaded.
  • Enhancement: Reduction of the memory used by default by images. Images, even if they are not loaded, were using memory by default. This memory might become significant if the number of images was important. A part of this memory is now allocated only when images are really loaded.
  • Enhancement: The drawing of asymmetrical curves has been optimized.

LorikCartographer 5.1.0

  • Enhancement: The database type is now displayed in the panel used to open a database.
  • Enhancement: When creating a new extended attributes field the default or system values are applied to all the existing entities.
  • Enhancement: If the datase was locked (because of an expected exit of the program) it was possible to unlock the database only after two hours. The restore menu is now accessible in all cases and a new column displays the state of the users: stopped, logged, logged without activity.