LorikSoftware 3.1: Automating mapping production

Marking its presence at the GITEX tradeshow in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (October 9th to 13th, 2011), Lorienne will be introducing a new version of its map production software suite: LorikSoftware 3.1. This version introduces a large number of improvements and innovations providing greater flexibility and better efficiency in producing any kind of maps. Once again, Lorienne has enhanced its technological offer by introducing all-encompassing operational mapping functionalities featuring the powerful integration of digital terrain models used in creating contours, spot elevations and automated shading.

LorikSoftware is now available in a native 64-bit version, which provides significantly increased performance while doing away with the limitations pertaining to 32-bit systems. As a result, extremely large volumes of data on the scale of a country or an entire continent in multiple scales may be processed with optimal output.

“Given the democratisation in geolocation applications, the production of mapping content has become a key strategic issue. LorikSoftware can help you control production costs without having to sacrifice either the quality or the appropriateness of the information,” explains Lorienne CEO Jean-Paul Dehette.

Thus the LorikSoftware environment provides tools to create any kind of maps, whether topographical, city maps or road maps, which can be applied to traditional printed maps as well as to Internet or mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and others.