LorikSoftware 5.3 minor release

Release note: 5.3 release

(2015 January 26)

All programs 5.3.0

  • Enhancement : The “Apply type associated component” is now available in the contextual menu (right click)
  • Enhancement : The text search function was only activated starting from two characters at least. This limit has been removed
  • Enhancement : The memory requested for the “Undo” and “Redo” functions has been reduced
  • Enhancement : The search field for finding projections in the projection panel is now a filter for the possible projections
  • Enhancement : Adding a preference which can deactivate the switch to the selection tool when pressing the [Alt] key.
  • Enhancement : In some cases the “Magnetism” function could make some operation very slow (selection, deselection, etc.)

LorikCartographer 5.3.0

  • New : New function to convert symbols from a “Symbol on Curve” into symbols
  • New : New function which select flat text inside a selected closed curve.
  • Enhancement : PostgreSQL storage has been improved a lot
  • Enhancement : The name of the last loaded tlist is now displayed at the top of the predefined texts

LorikGISMapper 5.3.0

  • New : New ToolBox task for removing symbols inside areas (using the surface)
  • Enhancement : Teigha DGN reader:
    • : New reading options (“Encoding” and “Calculate workplane extents”)
    • : Adding and fixing key for texts (DGn>7)
    • : Modification of the reference points for the texts
  • Enhancement : Keys for modifying texts (size, tracking and special size) are now available in the LorikSoftware format
  • Enhancement : Adding the “Insertion Reference Point” and “Insertion Offset” keys for placing a RECTANGLE

LorikPublisher 5.3.0

  • Enhancement : Export Scale can now be modified in the XML batch
  • Enhancement : Views are now retrieved when converting a GIS extraction dataset into an update dataset
  • Enhancement : Background images main saturation can now be modified in the XML batch

LorikSoftware V6 Preview: DEM new features

The next LorikSoftware V6 brings new features for DEM:

Tiling relief and hillshading files:

The creation of georefenced raster files from DEM in tiling mode automatically creates tiles of a given width and height in pixels.

You can now create hillshading and relief files covering an entire country or a whole continent with a very high resolution without altering the performances. It optimizes the display of hillshading and relief geotiff files with all programs from the LorikSoftware range. It also reduces the computing time when you export files.


Gauss smoothing:

Enhance the quality of your contour line using the Gauss smoothing. This option proves particularly useful when you automatically extract contour lines from DEM with few altitude variations